Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Run, Paddle and Puke- An Annual Rite

Happy Post 4th of July

Here in Hermosa Beach we have a contest that speaks to every weekend athlete! 
A contest which tests all aspects of the athletic endevor, both the exercise and the celebration.
Enter the Hermosa Beach Ironman, an event in which anyone with $20.00 and not too bad a hangover can run, paddle and then consume a 6 pack of the beer of your choice to become the well and truly rounded athlete.

So without further ado here is the contest.

What would the 4th be without someone to make sure you didn't have too much fun.

can you remember which one is yours?

Tugging on Superman's cape.

Middle of the pack but making up ground

No need to rush, just in it for the beer.

the Cheerleaders

Final leg

Don't  worry, He's European

Annie Seawright

There she Blows

I think he was the eventual winner.


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